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Company / director benefits

Company benefits and rewards affect tax bills and need planning to meet budgetary requirements. We will carefully plan your benefits so that everything lines up.

You have more responsibility than most as a company director or business owner, and putting in place the correct remuneration is essential to make the job worthwhile, as it is for other employees, from executives to low-level workers.

Benefits and rewards affect wages and tax bills, so they must be tax-efficient and deliver value for everyone who signs up.

We will sit down with you and look at various company benefits to create a company structure that rewards people at various levels. Our advice will put you in good stead if you want tax-efficient benefits options.

The first step is a conversation with our experts – you can book an hour's consultation and have an open conversation about what you want to do. We'll figure out what's important to you and create a company benefits structure that delivers.

Why benefits and remuneration planning are crucial

While there are many tax-free benefits for directors like mobile phones, business trip mileage and some types of loans, there are also often limitations, and some benefits can create an unknown income tax liability.

For example, some types of medical insurance are not exempt, and you can only claim a portion of some cash purchases. Picking the right benefits is a matter of understanding the options available to you, which is where we come in.

Most remuneration practices have a tax liability, but there are various ways of paying yourself to reduce that liability. For example, you can adjust the ratio of PAYE and dividends with expenses to offset any income increase.

Directors' loans, insurance, vehicle leases and dental care are all potential options, and we'll help you understand the best options.

Why you should choose The Strachan Partnership

We have the expertise to assess your company and personal circumstances and provide professional advice. If you are not aware of tax-efficient remuneration methods, rewards and benefits, we will make you fully informed.

The Chancellor's Budget changes taxation in some way once per year. With the current economic outlook, income and corporation tax and how we calculate expenses are likely to change more frequently than usual.

We will guide you through changes to taxation and ensure your benefits and rewards continue to deliver tax-efficient remuneration. You can expect prompt communication and straightforward advice that is in your best interests.

Tax planning not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Watch how we helped Gary look after his family:

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