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Charity & Social Responsibility

We take an active interest in good causes and are committed to giving back to people. 

As a business, we recognise our place in the world and our unique ability to act in the best interests of society, people, and the environment.

We strongly believe in converting problems into opportunities, like helping underprivileged children go to school and helping people get through cancer. Giving back to society is a part of our DNA, inspiring us to do better.

Charities we support

The Strachan Partnership donates to various charities annually and supports two key charities that positively impact people’s lives.

As a family, we set up the charity 2 The Nations, which supports impoverished children and adults in the UK and Asia.

The charity works with charitable Christian organisations, helping with financial assistance and other vital resources. One of our recent projects was supporting the building of the Sefton Village Children’s Home in the Philippines. As well as ongoing regular support, Grace and Gracelouise are both board members of Sefton Village Children’s Home.

Close to home, we support the local cancer charity Friends of ANCHOR, which supports cancer and haematology patients from Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Shetland at the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

We support Friends of ANCHOR because Gracelouise Strachan was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. The Strachan family along with their clients appreciate and value and the support offered by Friends of ANCHOR.

Social responsibility

We recognise that our company actions impact the lives of others not only in terms of the services we offer but also in the environment, human rights, jobs, working conditions and education. Our company operates ethically and creates value for everyone involved, be it through career fulfilment or training.

Many financial advisors and firms parade social values as key selling points, but we believe every good business should have them. By working with us, you can have complete confidence that our services have no adverse effect on others.

Contact us to learn more about our charitable contributions and social responsibility.