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Our Company

We help people plan their future with retirement, pension and investment advice. 

Founded in 1995, The Strachan Partnership has more than two decades of experience helping people realise their financial goals.

We proudly work with people on all levels of the financial pyramid, with experience managing portfolios worth thousands to millions of pounds. Our biggest goal is to achieve what’s important for you concerning your finances.

Our company

The Strachan Partnership was founded by David and Grace Strachan, with previous backgrounds in financial service management and accounting. The opportunity to start a business arose from the pair’s experience helping others with retirement planning, wealth management and investments with other firms.

Exposure to financial services on a corporate scale exposed a lack of personalisation, with operators taking a packaged view of clients and offering one size fits all advice. The Strachan Partnership changes this with a personalised approach.

Our approach is getting to know you and providing advice to achieve your goals. We listen and formulate financial roadmaps that have your best interests at heart, with deep expertise and sound advice driving our service.

How we are different

We will first have an open and honest conversation about your financial arrangements and goals. We provide a trustworthy and personal relationship for our clients, and you can have complete confidence in us.

Unlike many firms, we return calls and respond to messages, making time to discuss things irrespective of how busy we are. A small matter to you is a big matter to us, and we are happy to discuss matters over the phone.

We use the latest financial planning software to create wealth and retirement strategies efficiently. 

Our core values

  • Trustworthiness – we take an ethical approach to all our work with an honest, fair, and transparent service.
  • Dynamism – we invest in new technologies to deliver higher growth and embrace innovation and change.
  • Compliance – we take all matters of compliance seriously, from industry regulation to your privacy and consumer rights.
  • Independence – we are not tied to any financial body or investment company, giving you access to all markets and investments.

For more information about us, contact us for a friendly conversation.